Sunday, February 9, 2014

52 Recipes: Biscuit Pot Pie [Week #6]

Sometimes, you just need comfort food.

Chicken pot pie is one of my guilty pleasures. My mom makes her version of it every time I visit Nashville, and I love it so so much.

This version from Damn Delicious changes things up a bit from the traditional southern method, using real ingredients (no cream of chicken soup here!) and homemade biscuits in lieu of crust. While I think I'll always love my mom's chicken pot pie the most, I really enjoyed this version and the biscuits on top were a fun change. I especially loved that it calls for all real ingredients. Cream of chicken/mushroom/etc. soup is just so mysterious, and NOT in a good way.

Anyways, I didn't change up the recipe AT ALL other than halving it (and I'm feeling rather lazy), so go visit Damn Delicious for the recipe. While you're there, take a peek at her other recipes - she's seriously become one of my favorite food bloggers. If you follow me on Pinterest, then you've probably noticed how many recipes I pin from her blog, haha. What can I say? I appreciate good food!

Hope you've all had a great weekend...see you next week!

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